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WooCommerce integration for Sage 9

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This package enables WooCommerce integration with Sage 9 themes and Blade templates.


Install the package in your theme folder:

cd wp-content/themes/your-sage-theme-folder
composer require roots/sage-woocommerce


Create /resources/views/woocommerce folder in your theme and place there any template used by WooCommerce with .blade.php extension. This template will be loaded instead of a template from the WooCommerce plugin. If you want to replace particular template, please have a look into plugin folder woocommerce/templates and use same folder structure and file name (and change the extension to .blade.php) as the original template.

By default, you will get an error message that themes without header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php are deprecated. You have to replace single-product.php and archive-product.php templates with your Blade template. You can find those two files in /examples/resources/views/woocommerce folder of this package. The trick is not to use get_header, get_footer or get_sidebar functions, because it's handled differently with Blade. Instead of that, you can use actions:

do_action('get_header', 'shop');
do_action('get_sidebar', 'shop');
do_action('get_footer', 'shop');