Theme-agnostic front-end modifications for WordPress

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Acorn Prettify contains a collection of modules to apply theme-agnostic front-end modifications to your Acorn-powered WordPress sites.



Install via Composer:

$ composer require roots/acorn-prettify


Feature Enabled by default Description
Clean Up ✅   Enabled Cleaner WordPress markup
Nice Search ✅   Enabled Redirect search results from /?s=query to /search/query/
Relative URLs ❌   Disabled Change WordPress absolute URLs to relative URLs

See the config file for the full list of features.

Getting Started

Start by publishing the package configuration:

$ wp acorn vendor:publish --tag=prettify-config

Review the published config file to get an understanding of the optimizations that Acorn Prettify has enabled out of the box.


Acorn Prettify immediately begins working with a sane set of defaults once installed in your Acorn project.

Bug Reports

If you discover a bug in Acorn Prettify, please open an issue.


Contributing whether it be through PRs, reporting an issue, or suggesting an idea is encouraged and appreciated.


Acorn Prettify is provided under the MIT License.