This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

SearchProcess request handling for RollerworksSearch

v2.0.0-ALPHA11 2017-12-21 08:26 UTC


This package provides SearchProcess request handlers for RollerworksSearch. You need a PSR-7 compatible library to provide Request information to the processor.

The processors can be used with all supported input processors, condition exporters, and is usable for REST-API endpoints.


To install this package, add rollerworks/search-processor to your composer.json

$ php composer.phar require rollerworks/search-processor

Now, Composer will automatically download all required files, and install them for you.

Basic usage

Each SearchProcessor works a SearchPayload that contains READ-ONLY information about the processing result.

A SearchProcessor is re-usable and lazily loads related dependencies. The loaders shown here don't allow custom input/condition-exporters, use a PSR-11 compatible implementation for this.

use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Searches;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Extension\Core\Type\TextType;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Extension\Core\Type\IntegerType;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Extension\Core\Type\ChoiceType;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Loader;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Processor\ProcessorConfig;
use Rollerworks\Component\Search\Processor\Psr7SearchProcessor;

// The factory is reusable, you create it only once.
$searchFactory = Searches::createSearchFactory();

// Create a fieldset to inform the system about your configuration.
// Usually you will have a FieldSet for each data structure (users, invoices, etc).
$userFieldSet = $searchFactory->createFieldSetBuilder()
    ->add('firstName', TextType::class)
    ->add('lastName', TextType::class)
    ->add('age', IntegerType::class)
    ->add('gender', ChoiceType::class, [
        'choices' => ['Female' => 'f', 'Male' => 'm'],

$inputProcessorLoader = Loader\InputProcessorLoader::create();
$conditionExporterLoader = Loader\ConditionExporterLoader::create();    
$processor = new Psr7SearchProcessor($searchFactory, $inputProcessorLoader, $conditionExporterLoader);

$request = ...; // A PSR-7 ServerRequestInterface object instance

$processorConfig = new ProcessorConfig($userFieldSet);
$searchPayload = $processor->processRequest($request, $processorConfig);

// When a POST is provided the processor will validate the input
// and export it. Note that an empty result is also valid.
// The searchCode depends on the implementation of the SearchProcessor,
// and in this case contains a JSON exported SearchCondition encoded for URI usage.
if ($searchPayload->isChanged() && $searchPayload->isValid()) {
    // Redirect to this page with the search-code provided.
    header('Location: /search?search='.$searchPayload->searchCode);

// Always do this check because searchCode could be malformed resulting in
// an invalid SearchCondition.
if (!$payload->isValid()) {
    // Each error message can be easily transformed to a localized version.
    // Read the documentation for more details.
    foreach ($payload->messages as $error) {
       echo (string) $error.PHP_EOL;

// Notice: This is null when there are errors, when the condition is valid but has
// no fields/values this is an empty SearchCondition object.
$condition = $payload->searchCondition;

For better performance in a paginated search result the produced payload can be cached using the CachedSearchProcessor (which requires a PSR-16 SimpleCache implementation).


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The source of this package is subject to the MIT license that is bundled with this source code in the file LICENSE.


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