This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the rollerworks/search-metadata package instead.

JMS Metadata extension for RollerworksSearch

v1.0.0-beta3 2015-02-12 13:24 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:37:12 UTC


This package provides a compatible Metadata reader for RollerworksSearch.

This package is deprecated and will not be updated anymore!! Use rollerworks-search-metadata instead.

The Metadata reader uses the JMS Metadata component for loading Metadata from e.g. an XML document, a YAML file or PHP Annotations.

RollerworksSearch is a powerful open-source Search system, if you are new to RollerworksSearch, please read the documentation in the main repository of RollerworksSearch.

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please see the RollerworksSearch contributing guide lines for more information.


To install this extension, add the search-jms-metadata to your composer.json

$ php composer.phar require rollerworks/search-jms-metadata


The bulk of the documentation is stored in the doc/ file in this package:

Read the Documentation for master


The source of this package is subject to the MIT license that is bundled with this source code in the file LICENSE.

The JMS Metadata component is subject to the Apache2.0 license. And is incompatible with GNU GPLv2 and up.