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2.0.9 2014-02-10 11:56 UTC


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Skinny PHP Library

Skinny provides a slim library for common PHP applications.

It's become more mature recently, and is used in some rather large applications.

Core Functionality



A basic, yet effective router for applications.



Extending the basic functionality of \Skinny\Storage this provides a basic method of storing and retrieving a users authentication status. Calling login() and logout() provides the core of the class


By extending \Skinny\Auth\AdapterAbstract you can easily create simplified authentication for your applications.



This class provides a simple way of performing form validation at the controller level, without the bloat of a full form building library.


Make uploads a breeze by using this simple method to upload files to a given folder

Session & Storage


Controls the basic Session functionality that's needed for applications of any size. The primary goal of this class is to provide a simplistic interface to interact with session data.


Provides a Session Namespace approach to storing data for a users session.



Validates a date is valid according to a format


Validates an email address is a valid format


Validates a given file location is an image


Validates a given value isn't empty


Validates a given string is a set value, or between set values


Validates a given string is the same as another field (when used as part of \Skinny\Form)


Validates whether a string is alphanumeric, and optionally you can specify whether to allow spaces.



Provides a better way to interact with Memcache



This class provides a simple way of using HTML Entities (Originally from Zend Framework)


This class extends the basic functionality to interact and manipulate an image size.