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php-excel is a really simple library class written in PHP to
dump an array of data into an Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice
Calc readable format. This is version 2 of the older library
still hosted on Google Code at:

The class is inspired by the MySQL Query tool which offers a
simple extraction of database tables into Microsoft's Open XML
format. However, I was always looking for a way to do this in
an app or a website with some data which belongs in a table.

What is it?
The function is simple: You generate an array - even a larger
array, dump it into the class and select whether you want to
write it into an excel-readable file or send this file directly
to your browser.

What isn't?
It can not deal with complex operations or layouts. If you
like to design your tabular data using colors or font-styles
or if you want the excel file to contain formulas, you better
use a much more sophisticated export library. I recommend using
the beautiful:

... which is far more capable of such things.

How to use it?
The usage is very, very simple. Here's the script for adding
a simple array to the php-excel library and sending the file
to the browser (for downloading):


require 'php-excel.class.php';
$mydata = array(array(1 => 'Oliver Schwarz', 'Friedhelm Hasematzel'));
$xls = new Excel_XML;
$xls->addWorksheet('My data', $mydata);


See test.php for more details.