An on-server assistant for Rocketeer

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Satellite is an on-server assistant for Rocketeer. It allows you to integrate Rocketeer into your CI process by creating/updating releases from the server itself, and to virtually deploy from anywhere.


Via the global PHAR

Simply run the following commands on your server:

$ wget
$ chmod +x satellite.phar
$ mv satellite.phar /usr/local/bin/satellite

Via Composer

Simply run composer global require rocketeers/satellite, you'll then have a ~/.composer/vendor/bin/satellite vendor on your server you can access.


Once you have Satellite on your server, you'll need to set it up, only the first time, by running satellite setup.

After that, to see which applications are deployed on a particular server, run satellite apps:

| Application   | Number of releases | Latest release      |
| foobar        | 3                  | 2015-01-19 17:57:36 |

To create a new release of an application on your server, run satellite deploy {your_app}. This can be called from an SCM hook, a PaaS deploy routine, etc.

To follow the deployment from your local application, first install the satellite plugin in your local application by running:

$ rocketeer plugin:install rocketeers/satellite

Then add Satellite to your plugins in config.php:

// The plugins to load
'plugins'          => array(

You'll then have a tail command available:

$ rocketeer satellite:tail

Which will print the progress of the deploy as it runs.