Fork of symfony 1.4 with dic, form enhancements, latest swiftmailer and better performance

10.0.0 2021-05-12 16:04 UTC


Rock Symphony
Rock with Symfony1 again.
Just when you thought it's dead.

Build Status

RockSymphony Framework

It's a fork of symfony1 that will move forward.

Why not use Symfony2+?

We have a rather big project running on symfony1 you cannot just throw out everything.
This fork is intended to move still-running and still-in-development legacy projects forward to modern development best-practices.

If you start a new project, consider using latest Laravel, Symfony or another modern maintained framework of your choice.


  • Semantic versioning
  • Incremental BC-breaking updates that bring something new to your symfony1 project
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Replace legacy sf1 parts with modern libraries reducing framework footprint to the very minimum


  • Add argument return type hints everywhere (improve IDE static analysis)
  • Fix phpdoc / code inconsistencies
  • composer support
  • Drop sfCoreAutoload
  • Replace sfYaml with Symfony\Yaml
  • Fix sfApplicationConfiguration / ProjectConfiguration
  • Replace sfLogger with PSR Logger
  • Descent service container, services auto-injection
  • CommandBus + JobQueue
  • Logging with Logger object (not via sfEventDispatcher)
  • Drop sfContext
  • Namespaced controllers
  • PSR HTTP Requests
  • .env
  • symfony/console
  • Replace services.yml with pure-PHP services.php
  • Drop module-level .yml configurations support
  • Symfony2-like Bundles instead of plugins


Starting from PHP 5.6.0 and then goes up with every new major version. The latest v10.0 release requires PHP 7.3.

Migrating to Rock Symphony

It's not recommended to start a new project with Rock Symphony. It's only intended for old projects to migrate to.

  1. Start using Composer for your project, if you haven't done so yet.

  2. Remove from your codebase symfony framework you use (stock symfony1, lexpress/symfony1 or whatever you have).

  3. Require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:

    composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^1.6
  4. Follow Upgrade guide to upgrade your codebase step by step:

    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^1.7
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^3.0 (note: version 2.0 is intentionally skipped)
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^4.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^5.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^6.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^7.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^8.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^9.0
    • composer require rock-symphony/rock-symphony:^10.0


You can send pull requests or create an issue.