PSR-11 compatible CakePHP Dependency Injection Container abstraction plugin

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PSR-11 compatible CakePHP Dependency Injection Container abstraction plugin

Under development

The plugin is under development and not intended to use in production yet.


For CakePHP 3.x use CakePHP DI 0.1.x versions. CakePHP DI 0.2.x is intended for CakePHP 4.0 and 4.1

For CakePHP 4.2 try 0.3 branch

Container Abstraction

This plugin provides tools for using any PSR-11 compatible DIC with CakePHP framework. DIC support for CakePHP is a very frequently requested feature. Although CakePHP is build with Dependency Injection in mind, it does not provide any build-in DIC. There are many great DI Containers out there and this plugin allows you to choose the one you like the most and use it with your CakePHP app.


CakePHP DI plugin provides a Robotusers\DI\Core\ContainerApplicationInterface that your Application class should implement. This interface defines a getContainer() method that should return your PSR-11 compatible container.

The plugin provides a base application class that you can extend.

class Application extends \Robotusers\DI\Http\BaseApplication
    protected function createContainer()
        $container = new SomeContainer();

        //configure your services

        return $container;

Note that the base class requires you to implement createContainer() method. That is a factory method for your container as getContainer() needs to return the same instance on each call.

The BaseApplication class also provides some wiring for action dispatcher so the controllers and actions use your DI Container.


Controllers should be registered as a service in your DIC. The plugin tries to retrieve a controller from your DIC with the controller's FQCN as an id. For example: $container->get('App\Controller\ArticlesController');

The plugin also provides the ability to inject services into controller actions.

The services must be passed as a parameters to the action method. The precedence take the passed parameters, so for example your view method should look like this:


public function view($id, ArticlesServiceInterface $service)

The ArticlesServiceInterface instance will be injected into the method.


In order to fetch a console command from a DIC you need to use a CommandFactory provided with this plugin.

In your bin/cake.php:


use App\Application;
use Cake\Console\CommandRunner;
use Robotusers\Di\Console\CommandFactory;

$application = new Application(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config');
$factory = new CommandFactory($application);
$runner = new CommandRunner($application, 'cake', $factory);

Table Locator

Extending Robotusers\DI\Http\BaseApplication provides you with a DIC aware implementation of TableLocator. During the bootstrapping process the global instance of table locator is injected into TableRegistry.

Table locator replacement shipped with this plugin allows you to inject your own table factory.

By default a ContainerFactory is used which retrieves a table from your DIC using table's class name as an $id. Note that options are not passed to the DIC as PSR-11 implementation does not support passing extrac arguments to the get() method.

You either need to configure your table options using TableLocator::setConfig() method or configure your container to pass correct options.

You can also use custom implementation of table factory by overriding Application::createTableLocator() method. Table factory must be a callable that accepts $options array.

protected function createTableLocator()
    $factory = function($options) {
        // retrieve a table from your DIC

        return $table;

    return new \Robotusers\Di\ORM\Locator\TableLocator($factory);