A database interface package for Laravel

v5.4.3 2017-03-29 14:55 UTC


Administrator is an administrative interface builder for Laravel. With Administrator you can visually manage your Eloquent models and their relations, and also create stand-alone settings pages for storing site data and performing site tasks.

Legacy Version

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To install Administrator as a Composer package to be used with Laravel 5.4, simply run:

composer require "exodusanto/administrator: 5.4.*"

To install Administrator as a Composer package to be used with Laravel 5, simply run:

composer require "frozennode/administrator: 5.*"

Once it's installed, you can register the service provider in config/app.php in the providers array:

'providers' => [

Then publish Administrator's assets with php artisan vendor:publish. This will add the file config/administrator.php. This config file is the primary way you interact with Administrator. This command will also publish all of the assets, views, and translation files.

Laravel 4

If you want to use Administrator with Laravel 4, you need to resolve to Administrator 4:

"frozennode/administrator": "4.*"

Then publish the config file with php artisan config:publish frozennode/administrator. This will add the file app/config/packages/frozennode/administrator/administrator.php.

Then finally you need to publish the package's assets with the php artisan asset:publish frozennode/administrator command.

Laravel 3

Since Administrator has switched over to Composer, you can no longer use php artisan bundle:install administrator or php artisan bundle:upgrade administrator. If you want to use Administrator with Laravel 3, you must switch to the 3.3.2 branch, download it, and add it in the /bundles/administrator directory and add this to your bundles.php file:

'administrator' => array(
    'handles' => 'admin', //this determines what URI this bundle will use
    'auto' => true,


The complete docs for Administrator can be found at You can also find the docs in the /src/docs directory.

Copyright and License

Administrator was written by Jan Hartigan of Frozen Node for the Laravel framework. Administrator is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Recent Changelog


  • Added: New layout
  • Added: Laravel 5.4 compatibility
  • Added: Title config String or Closure
  • Added: Favicon (png only) config String or Closure
  • Added: ENUM config Array or Closure
  • Added: New ckeditor layout
  • Added: Images config:
    • Test resize: prevent stretch of image
    • Incremental naming: name*_n* if already exist
  • Bugfix: wysiwyg loading on settings


  • Bugfix: Added the table name to the constraint query
  • Bugfix: Russian translate in knockout.php
  • Bugfix: Update settings.php for Request::url() instead of using url()


  • Bugfix: Had to make the middleware additon backwards compatable
  • Docs: Added doc updates


  • Bugfix: L5.2 changed the way url() works so added url('/') instead
  • Added: Support for middleware additions to the Admin routes via the administrator config
  • Testfix: Fixed failing tests


  • Bugfix: Fix for datetimepicker partially being covered by top menu


  • Bugfix: Rename Bool class to Boolean to fix PHP 7
  • Bugfix: added missing custom attribute field


  • Bugfix: Fixed boolean true bug
  • Bugfix: Fixes a bug where soft deletes are not being properly detected in L5


  • Added: Support for custom domains in the admin routes
  • Added: Ability to access the model from withinthe column output renderer
  • Added: Dynamic Form Request Validation


  • Added: Added password field to the settings view
  • Added: Romanian Language
  • Added: Basic HasMany Implementation along with re-ordering support
  • Bugfix: Autocomplete working with default value
  • Bugfix: Adding missing session to Admin Controller
  • Bugfix: Fixed improper handling of filter value 0 for Enum/Text field
  • Docfix: Simplified the composer command in the install docs to match the instuctions
  • Docfix: Changed the type definition for global_rows_per_page to int instead of Null|nt since Null causes divide by 0 error


  • Testfix: fixing tests and js for gulp


  • Cherry Picking v4.16.7


  • Cherry Picking v4.16.6


  • Bugfix: Fixing csrf token mismatches for some requests


  • Upgraded to Laravel 5
  • New translations (az)