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Manipulation of php code, automated refactoring based on phps tokenizer

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Table of Contents

  • About PHP\Manipulator
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • License
  • Usage
  • Project directory/file structure

About PHP\Manipulator

A command-line tool for manipulating php code.

PHP\Manipulator is build to be easily extendable with your own Actions and Actionsets [for example for configure multiple Actions forming a Coding-Standard or a special task for you project] and configurable via a simple xml-file allowing to choose which files should be changed and which action(set)s should be used on those files.

Code ist hosted at and directly installable via my PEAR-server


PHP\Manipulator requires PHP 5.3+ using features like namespaces and Closures.


  • spl
  • tokenizer
  • pcre
  • dom


  • Symfony 2.0
  • Console
  • Finder
  • PHPUnit 3.6 (unittests only)


(both only if the code you want to manipulate contains them!) short_open_tag = On asp_tags = On


Create a composer.json

    "require": {
        "robo47/php-manipulator": "*"

Download and run composer

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install





Running phpmanipulator:


Run actions from a config:

bin/phpmanipulator runActions ./config.xml

Show tokens of a script

bin/phpmanipulator showTokens /path/to/script.php

Project directory/file structure

+-bin/phpmanipulator.php        # the phpmanipulator binary
+-helper/                       # Directory with templates for creating new Classes
| +-PHP/                        # Here the actual PHP\Manipulators Code is located
| +-Baa/                        # Directory with Dummy-Files for testing Components, the Config and Loading
| +-Foo/                        # Directory with Dummy-Files for testing Components, the Config and Loading
| +-Tests
| | +-Constraint/               # Tests for special Constraints used in the tests
| | +-Stub/                     # Tests for Stub-Objects used in the tests
| | +-PHP/                      # HERE are the actual unittests for PHP\Manipulator
| | +-TestCase.php              # The base-TestCase Class with additional asserts using the new Constraints and some other methods
| | +-Util.php                  # Helper-Methods used in the Constraints and for Debugging while riding new Code
| +-_fixtures/                  # Containing all the php/xml-files used in the unittests ordered in subdirectories for each namespace below \PHP\Manipulator
| +- TestHelper.php             # Bootstrap-File for unittests setting include-path and setting up the Symfony-Autoloader
| +-phpunit.xml                 # Default config only Running Tests in /tests/Tests/PHP
| +-phpunitTests.xml            # Config only running tests of "testing-components" like the Constraints, the Stubs, the TestCase and the Util-class.
+-LICENSE                       # File containing the used New BSD-License for PHP\Manipulator
+-README                        # The file you are currently reading
+-TODO                          # List of todos, whishes, ideas and plans
+-build.xml                     # ant-build-script used mainly by hudson for running all tools around a build (phpunit, phpcpd, phpcs, phplint, phpunit, ... )
+-helper.php                    # Simple cli-script to create new Classes + unitests + empty fixture-files
+-phpmanipulator.xml            # Default configuration for running phpManipulator for enforcing coding-standard for itself by formatting/indenting code the right way (formatting not like expected yet!)

helper script

The helper.php is only meant for development, it allows an easy and fast creation of new empty dummys for Actions, TokenConstraints, TokenManipulators, ContainerConstraints and TokenFinders including a unittest-file-dummy and empty fixture-files via the command line.