Generates a report on potentially unused files for CMS users

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2.0.0 2018-12-14 01:07 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-23 14:36:48 UTC


This module adds an "Unused Files" report to the CMS. Because generating the list of potentially unused files could take a long time on even a reasonably small site the report does not work from live data. Instead, a task has been created that will populate a table in the DB with the list of files that may not be in use.

In addition, if the Queued Jobs module is installed a job will be created that will allow the task to be scheduled at a convenient time.


This version requires Silverstripe 4+.

For Silverstripe 3 use the 1.x releases.


composer require robingram/silverstripe-unused-file-report

Running the task

Through a browser

The report builder task will appear under /dev/tasks/ as "Build table for Unused File Reports". Click on the task title to initiate it.

From the command line

The task can be run from the command line using sake:

sake dev/tasks/UnusedFileReportBuildTask

Viewing the report

The report will appear under the Reports tab as "Unused Files Report". If the builder task has not been run the report will contain no data.

Running/scheduling the job

If the Queued Jobs module is installed then the report builder job will appear in the "Create job of type" drop-down list in the Jobs tab as UnusedFileReportJob.


Thanks to Christchurch City Council, New Zealand, for enabling the development of this module.