Wsdl Client write in a nice and a simple way

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#Wsdl Magic - Soap Client

Okey here is the case, you have to make requests to a Soap WS Server and you start to write your code, but, with the time you notice that there is a lot of uggly sintax in your file, and you are repeating yourself to get the response of a simple query.

Wsdl Magic provides you a nice and simple sintax to make all your soap requests


 $wsdl = WsdlWrapper::init([
	'url' => ''
	'trace' => true,
	'exceptions' => 1
 $result = WsdlWrapper::GetSoapMethod($data);

Wsdl Magic provides you a nice and customizable interface to make your requests. Here's a more complex example:


	'url'        => ''
	'trace'      => true,
	'exceptions' => 1

	'GetSoapMethodToPay' => 'payment',

 $result = WsdlMagic::payment($data);

I'm a big fan of laravel, and thats why I make a clean class to extends all your models with soap

class Tracker extends WsdlMagicExtension
    public $wsdl = '';
    public $trace = 1;
    public $exceptions = true;

    public function login()
        return $this->makeRequest('login', [
          'username' => 'servicedesk',
          'password' => 'CAdemo123'