Extension for managing forms

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What does it do?

It's sole purpose is form management. On the one hand, it's provides simple forms without a bigger context (Analog to the Ext FormFramework). On the other hand, it's prepared to extend the FormFramework in future with some special functions.

ExtForm Framework base configuration

Available cronjobs

RkwForm: FileCleanup

  • Because the "Delete uploads" mail finisher only clear uploads of successfully sent forms, we need a cronjob to clear the upload folder
  • Argument: "daysFromNow" - Defines which old files should be deleted. Default value: 30 (days)
  • Change or add the upload destination here inside the FormFrameworkConf.yaml: TYPO3.CMS.Form.persistenceManager.allowedFileMounts
  • Intentional restriction: The cronjob handles multiple filemounts. Condition: The filepath must contain the string "tx_rkwform"

RkwForm: Cleanup

  • Deletes expired records

RkwForm: Security

  • If no htaccess protection for the given upload folder exists, the cronjob should create one. Take a look to the method "securityCheck"

Incorporated changes / improvements of the basic ExtForm

  • HTML5 validation deactivated (no styles available)
  • Replacing the bootstrap based "ViewGrid" for every field with simple width property
  • Individual form error messages
  • h1-h6 options for static text field
  • The checkbox field got the property "type" to use it as terms-checkbox. Is bound to the extension FeRegister
  • Individual greeting text for every E-Mails (look to the mail finisher of the certain form)
  • The mailing is bound to the extension Postmaster for using Header, Footer and its components (images; links) for every E-Mail out of the box
  • Attention: The EmailFinisher of the ExtForm is overwritten by /rkw_form/Classes/Domain/Finishers/EmailFinisher.php
  • Hint: To work in fluid with individual form configurations you can use a YAML-reader like it is used here: /rkw_form/Classes/ViewHelpers/GetFinisherOptionViewHelper.php


  • For FE (fluid) translation use "locallang.xlf"
  • For BE (yaml) translation use "form_framework.xlf"
  • To understand how to edit the basics of all FormExt forms itself or of it's fields, take a look to the FormFrameworkConf.yaml file. This file defines all BASICS
  • To edit a special form you want to display as content element, you should use the backend module "Forms". But you can also directly change it via /rkw_forms/configuration/Yaml/Forms/YourForm
  • Hint: Directly changed form definitions in yaml can be overwritten directly on saving the given form in the TYPO3 backend

Add new forms (not using FormFramework)

  • All you need to know: One form is one plugin. Show following content only if you need further instructions

Create new form WITHOUT extend the form database table (show extended using below)

  • ext_localconf: Create the new form plugin. Further down we're creating also the necessary "ExampleController"
        'ExampleForm' => 'new, create'
    // non-cacheable actions
        'ExampleForm' => 'new, create'
  • TCA/override/tt_content: Register the new form plugin
    'RKW Form: Example Formular'
  • TCA/override/tt_content: Use the standard flexform. Just add your new plugin name to the array
$pluginList = ['StandardForm', 'ExampleForm'];
  • Controller: Create a new controller which extends the AbstractFormController (for possible individual purpose)
class ExampleFormController extends \RKW\RkwForm\Controller\AbstractFormController
  • Controller: Add the createAction and call the parents "createAbstractAction", because the AbstractController can't handle the individual form contents directly by using the AbstractEntity (missing getter & setter)
 * action create
 * @param \RKW\RkwForm\Domain\Model\StandardForm $standardForm
 * @param int $privacy
 * @TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Annotation\Validate("RKW\RkwForm\Validation\Validator\AbstractFormValidator", param="standardForm")
 * @return void
public function createAction(BstForm $standardForm, $privacy = 0): void
    // my example code, which is different to the createActractAction of the AbstractController

    parent::createAbstractAction($standardForm, $privacy);
  • TypoScript: Define your plugins individual mandatory fields (in CONSTANTS & SETUP)
  • HINT: SK has changed the logic. You have to create an own validator for every form
// ####################
// ExampleForm
// ####################
plugin.tx_rkwform_exampleform < plugin.tx_rkwform
plugin.tx_rkwform_exampleform {
    settings {
        mandatoryFields {
            standard = {$plugin.tx_rkwform_exampleform.settings.mandatoryFields.standard}
  • Resources: Create you individual templates and partials
  • Validation: You have NEVER need to rewrite the AbstractFormValidator, until you have some special needs
  • Mailing: You have NEVER need to overwrite, extend oder change the PHP-based mail parts, until you have some special needs

EXTENDED: If you need to extend the form table

  • ext_tables.sql: Extend form fields, if necessary. Please check before if the standard form fields are already enough
# extend for exampleForm
CREATE TABLE tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform (
  exmpl1 int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  exmpl2 int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  exmpl3 int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  exmpl4 tinyint(4) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  • TCA: Add contents by overriding TCA/Overrides/tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform
class ExampleForm extends \RKW\RkwForm\Domain\Model\StandardForm
  • Model: Create Model
class ExampleForm extends \RKW\RkwForm\Domain\Model\StandardForm
  • Repository: Create Repository
class ExampleFormRepository extends \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Persistence\Repository
  • Locallang: Create all necessary language contents (also form errors!!)
  • BE
<!-- example extend -->
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.exmpl1">
    <source>Number 1</source>
    <target>Pers. Zahlenkomb. 1</target>
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.exmpl2">
    <source>Number 2</source>
    <target>Pers. Zahlenkomb. 2</target>
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.exmpl3">
    <source>Number 3</source>
    <target>Pers. Zahlenkomb. 3</target>
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.exmpl4">
    <target>Zustimmung </target>

<!-- example extend -->
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.tabs.bst">
<trans-unit id="tx_rkwform_domain_model_standardform.palettes.bst">
  • FE
<trans-unit id="form.error.newFormRequest.exmpl1">
    <source>Number combination 1</source>
    <target>Zahlenkombination Feld 1</target>
<trans-unit id="form.error.newFormRequest.exmpl2">
    <source>Number combination 2</source>
    <target>Zahlenkombination Feld 2</target>
<trans-unit id="form.error.newFormRequest.exmpl3">
    <source>Number combination 3</source>
    <target>Zahlenkombination Feld 3</target>
<trans-unit id="form.error.newFormRequest.exmpl4">

  • E-Mail: Keep in mind, that this form ext ist mainly working with and trough emails. So add your new fields to /ext/rkw_form/Resources/Private/Partials/Email/Details.html