There is no license information available for the latest version (v1.9.3) of this package.

Implementation of the Riskified API in php

v1.9.3 2021-04-07 14:06 UTC


version: 1.9.3

See samples/ for examples on how to use this SDK.

Migrating to API Version 2

API Version 2 introduces new features (and breaks some old ones).

Order Webhook

This version represents a shift from data-driven order handling to multiple API endpoints, each designed for a specific purpose. These include:

  • /api/create - served by $transport->createOrder()
  • /api/update - served by $transport->updateOrder()
  • /api/submit - served by $transport->submitOrder()
  • /api/refund - served by $transport->refundOrder()
  • /api/cancel - served by $transport->cancelOrder()

Refer to the online documentation for more details. When migrating from version 1, you'll need to separate the different calls to Riskified's API to support this new process.

Decision Notifications

Constructor $headers argument format

The format of the $headers argument when constructing a new Riskified\DecisionNotification\Notification instance has changed. The constructor now expects an associative array of all the HTTP headers of the request, and not a flat array of strings, as in previous versions of this SDK.

This change should simplify integration since the argument now follows the format of the return value of the popular PHP/Apache function getallheaders().

API v2 payload format

Notification requests in API version 2 now contain a JSON encoded payload which is more flexible and easily extended.

If you are already using the Notification class in version 1, there are no additional actions required to support the migration to JSON, as this SDK handles the new data format seamlessly.