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ITCourses framework logger component


Package is available on Packagist, you can install it using Composer.

composer require rioter/logger

PHP 5.5+

Basic Usage

Require autoload


Use namespaces

use  Rioter\Logger\Logger;
use Rioter\Logger\Adapters;

Available adapters:

$fileAdapter = new Adapters\FileAdapter('logs/log.txt'); / /logging to files
$echoAdapter = new Adapters\EchoAdapter(); // logging to html
$sysLogAdapter = new Adapters\SysLogAdapter('ITCourses'); // logging to syslog
$nullAdapter = new Adapters\NullAdapter(); // log is not saving

To set adapter you can use:


All adapters methods:

$fileAdapter->setDateFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$fileAdapter->setLevel(LogLevel::DEBUG, LogLevel::INFO);

##Errors handlers.

Create object of ErrorsHandler class and give him Logger object

$handler = new \Rioter\Logger\ErrorsHandler($logger);

and register handlers

$handler->regShutdownHandler(); // register shutdown method(last error);
$handler->regExceptionHandler(); // register exception 
$handler->logExceptionHandler($exception); //give exception
$handler->regErrorHandler() //register php errors

##Example. Logging to file.

Create object of FileAdapter class and set path and name to log file, also you can set min level of logging (default 'debug')

$fileAdapter = new Adapters\FileAdapter('logs/log.txt');

FileAdapter methods:

$fileAdapter->setMethodLogLevelFile(array('error', 'debug'), 'logs/error_debug.txt'); // or you can use array for multiply setting 
$fileAdapter->setMethodLogLevelFile('warning', 'logs/warning.txt'); // set different pathes for each errors log
$fileAdapter->getMethodsLogLevelFiles(); //get pathes and log levels

Create object of logger, and set adapter;

$logger = new Logger($fileAdapter);

Set logs, context, use placeholder how in example

$logger->error('message of errors');
$logger->critical('critical of errors);
$logger->debug("debug of errors id = {id} LINE: __LINE__ FILE: __FILE__", array('id'=>1);
$logger->warning('warning', array('id'=>1));


2016-02-10 23:54:40.436207: [ERROR] Message: message of errors 1
2016-02-10 23:54:40.436633: [CRITICAL] Message: critical of errors 1
2016-02-10 23:54:40.436866: [DEBUG] Message: debug of errors id = 1 LINE: 22 FILE: /home/iirioterii/server/logger/index.php
2016-02-10 23:54:40.437079: [WARNING] Message: warning