Stripe quick start for Laravel Framework.

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1.1.2 2016-03-11 14:03 UTC


Stripavel is a ready to use application for Stripe + Laravel projects. It include most part of Stripe objects, converted to Eloquent models : Migrations schemas, events, routes, controller and stuffs. When you receive any webhook notification from your Stripe account, conversion is made before insert/update/delete (soft) data through your database, and an event is send for your application. So you always have a perfect synchronisation between your app and your Stripe data.


###Composer Run :

composer create-project --prefer-dist rikless/stripavel


Open your .env file and complete new keys :



cd into your app un run :

composer install
php artisan migrate


Finaly, configure your stripe account with this webhooks url yourapp.com/webhooks/stripe.

##How it works Every models use the App\Stripe\IsStripeEntity trait. This is the way we can use the createFromStripe method when a notification is send, and update the database. All is ready to work with postgresql, but if your Mysql version support json data, it should works. This tool is a laravel fork. So to complete your installation, just read Laravel documentation


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

##Todo Finish Order/Sku/Bitcoin/Alipay objects