Console tool for configuring multiple PHP instances

v1.0.1 2016-05-10 11:02 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-19 19:13:59 UTC


The PHP Configuration Tool was built as a simple script to make it easier to configure multiple PHP installations on a Windows machine quickly. The purpose is to allow defining a simple configuration file that is used to configure multiple different php.ini files in different PHP installation paths.


To install this library globally via Composer, simply run the following command

> composer global require riimu/php-configure:1.*


See the included configure.sample.json file for a sample configuration. The included php-configure command takes a single parameter, which indicates the configuration json file. For example:

> php-configure configure configure.json

The configuration may include the following settings:

  • paths defines the paths to PHP installations. The paths are iterated using glob() which allows the user of path wildcards.
  • base defines the base configuration files that are searched for in the installation directory, if the php.ini does not exist
  • settings defines the configured PHP settings.
  • extensions defines the PHP extensions to enable

The configuration script will only change the setting values if they are different and only enable the extensions if they are not enabled in the php.ini file. Note that if the setting or extension does not exist in the configuration file in either uncommented or commented form, the settings are not configured and the extensions are not enabled.


This project is copyright 2015 to Riikka Kalliomäki.

See LICENSE for license and copying information.