Cache library of the Ride framework.

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Cache library of the PHP Ride framework.

What's In This Library


A CacheItem is the container of your cached value. The implementation contains the logic to see if the cached item is valid and not stale.

An extension to tag your cache items is available through the TaggableCacheItem interface.

The GenericCacheItem class implements both interfaces.


A CachePool is the backend or storage of your cache items. The implementation decides how to store your cache items. Each implementation has it's advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should depend on the context of cache usage and server environment.

Available implementations (all implement taggable cache items):

  • ride\library\cache\pool\ApcCachePool: APC implementation
  • ride\library\cache\pool\DirectoryCachePool: Cache directory with one file per cached item
  • ride\library\cache\pool\FileCachePool: One file for the complete pool
  • ride\library\cache\pool\MemcacheCachePool: Memcache implementation
  • ride\library\cache\pool\XCacheCachePool: XCache implementation


A CacheControl provides an interface to expose the management of your caches to the UI.

Code Sample

Check the following code sample to see how the cache should be used:


use ride\library\cache\pool\DirectoryCachePool;
use ride\library\system\System;

function foo(System $system) {
    // cache initialization
    $cacheDirectory = $system->getFileSystem()->getFile('/path/to/cache');
    $cachePool = new DirectoryCachePool($cacheDirectory);

    // cache usage
    $cacheItem = $cachePool->get('item.cache.key');
    if (!$cacheItem->isValid()) {
        // some value generation logic
        // ...

        // store value to the cache
        $cacheItem->setValue($value); // required
        $cacheItem->setTtl(60); // in seconds, optional
        $cacheItem->setTag('section'); // you can tag an item, optional

    } else {
        // retrieve value from cache
        $value = $cacheItem->getValue();

    // cache flush
    $cachePool->flush(); // flush complete cache
    $cachePool->flush('item.cache.key'); // remove an item
    $cachePool->flushByTag('section'); // remove all items tagged with section

This code uses the item as returned from the pool to set the cached value.

When you warm up your cache in another place, you can easily create your cache item through the pool:


use ride\library\cache\pool\CachePool;

function bar(CachePool $cachePool) {
    $cacheItem = $cachePool->create('item.cache.key');
    $cacheItem->setValue('some cache value');



You can use Composer to install this library.

composer require ride/lib-cache