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Embedder enables embedding media in content fields area similar to how embeds work in WordPress

1.1.1 2015-01-20 10:59 UTC


Embedder enables embedding in content fields area similar to how embeds work in WordPress, and can embed media from pasted links and HTML code.


  • SilverStripe 3.1


Drop the module into your SilverStripe project and run /dev/build


Enable Embedder on content fields

Embedder must be activated in your project _config.php. This is done by registering which fields on which pagetypes Embedder should work. The following example would enable Embedder on the "Content" field on pages of the "Page" type:


The following example would enable Embedder on the "Intro" field on all page types:


Specify embedded media size

Add the following to set the width of media embedded from links:


The following methods are included to control embed size:

  • setWidth([int])
  • setHeight([int])
  • setMaxWidth([int])
  • setMaxHeight([int])

Sizes will be calculated with aspect ratio maintained.

Register media providers

Several pre-packaged providers (content sites) are included. They must be separately registered as such:


The following providers are included:

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Viddler
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

You can easily add more custom providers that conform to the oEmbed specification. Simply copy one of the included provider classes to your project directory and modify it to suit your needs, then run /dev/build to register the provider class with SilverStripe and enable it in your _config.php. See the oEmbed website for more information.

Register HTML tags

Embedder can also render pasted HTML code based on tag names:


This registers <object>, <iframe> and <embed>-tags to be rendered as objects instead of HTML entities. For example, if the following code is pasted in an Embedder-enabled field it will be rendered as an iframe:

<iframe width="640" height="390"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>