Wordpress Starter Theme for rapid, but solid theme development, based on latest technologies and best practices: Grunt, Bower, RequireJS, BackboneJS, Bootstrap, Twig, Composer

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Note by Rhetina

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Note is a Starter Theme for rapid, but solid WordPress development.

It is inspired by Silex\Application and Silex\ServiceProviders.

It includes many of the latest web technologies: Grunt, Bower, Composer, RequireJS, Modernizr, BackboneJS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Twig.


  1. PHP > 5.3.3
  2. Node.js
  3. Little time and a cup of coffee

How it works

Note changes the way we build Wordpress themes. And makes it extremely more easy and pleasant. It is, in the same time, developer and designer friendly. It encourages you to write modular code: modular CSS (using LESS), modular Javascript (using Backbone and RequireJS), modular templating (using Twig), modular php code (using a Pimple's Dependency Injection container and Service Providers). So your code will be beautiful, elegant, easy to maintain, easy to extend, and the part that i find to be the most important: your code will be reusable.

Why DEVELOPERS will love Note

At the heart, a Note theme has a DI container powered by Pimple. This container is extremely easy to customize and extend, from /config/ and functions.php. To access a service registered to the container, you just need to call Note::service( $serviceId).

Note is using composer, so adding and version controlling a 3-d party php script should be a breeze.


Note ships as a starter Backbone application, modularized with RequireJS. LESS is used to make CSS more pleasant to write. If SASS or Stylus is preferred there should be no problem adding it. Twig is used for templating and Note ships with a very powerfull base template.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to install Git and clone the repository:

# Using Git, fetch only the latest commits.  You won't need the full history
# for your project.
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/rhetina/note

# Move the repository to the themes folder
mv note /path/to/theme/folder

You will need to download and install Node.js and Composer if you want to use the commands in the following sections.

Updating dependencies

Third party packages may update independently from this main repo, so it's a good idea to update after fetching.

# Install global dependencies.  Depending on your user account you may need to
# gain elevated privileges using something like `sudo`.
npm install -g grunt-cli bower

# Install NPM dependencies.
npm install

# Install Bower dependencies.
bower install

# Install Composer dependencies.
composer install

Build process

The build process consists of numerous Grunt plugin tasks that work together to optimize your application.

# To run the build process, run the default Grunt task.

# Run a build for production environments.
grunt prod

Technologies used


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Twitter Bootstrap

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Copyright © 2014 Furculita Alexandru @afurculita Licensed under the MIT license.