edmunds api bundle

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Last update: 2020-08-02 18:38:51 UTC


Collection of API resources for the Edmunds vehicle API(s). The http client used is Guzzle (http://guzzlephp.org).


You will first need an API key. You can go to http://developer.edmunds.com and apply for a developer API key. There are 4 different APIs that make up the entirety of the Edmunds API, you will have to apply for a key for each. I won't go into too much detail here about that process.

In the simplest form, you can use it as follows:

In your composer.json, add the following dependency (replace {version} with latest version):

    "rfink/edmunds-php-api": "{version}"

Then run composer update from the command line.

Inside your app, you can bootstrap the guzzle client by adding the following code:

    $vehicleClient = \RF\Edmunds\Vehicle\Client::factory(array(
        'api_key' => '{your_api_key_here}',
        'base_url' => 'http://api.edmunds.com'

Then, you can run commands:

    $args = array('id' => '100533210');
    $command = $client->getCommand('modelYear.findById', $args);
    $response = $command->execute()->toArray();

Response will contain a plain php array representing the API response payload.

The best way to see how this works in action is to take a peek at the unit tests, as well as the API descriptions at the Edmunds developer website. The service description JSON files are also a good place to see required parameters for each call, and the response format.

A symfony2 bundle is being developed to wrap this as a service as well, see https://github.com/rfink/EdmundsBundle

** This API is still in heavy, heavy alpha mode. Use in production at your own risk.**