This library helps to make payments through MercadoPago, even with QR


This library helps you generate a QR code to make payments through Mercadopago, even with QR code. Makes use of [endroid/qr-code] ( and mercadopago/dx-php


composer require reyesoft/mercadopago


Creating a Pos

$mp = new \MP('client_id', 'client_secret');
// $mp = new \MP('your_access_token');

$pos = new MercadoPagoPos($mp, 'MyTestPos');
$filename = __DIR__ . '/image/mercadopago-qr-code.png';

You can get MercadoPago credentials from

Filling the Pos with a Order

$order_data = [
    'external_reference' => 'id_interno',
    'notification_url' => '',
    'items' => [
            'title' => 'api_smsc_com_ar',
            'quantity' => 1,
            'currency_id' => 'ARS',
            'unit_price' => 450,

$order = $pos->createAnOrder();
$result = $order->sendData($order_data);

This generates a qr code like that:


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PHP 7.4

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