Wrapper to composer for Symfony2 projects, based on an easier to use YAML file.

0.1.8 2013-03-04 22:37 UTC


compy is a wrapper to composer for Symfony2 projects, based on an easier to use YAML file.


You can use compy just like composer, except you modify the compy.yml, instead of the composer.json:

alice@acme$ bin/compy --version
Compy version 0.1.6
Composer version aa1c093

You should only run compy from the directory your compy.yml or composer.json are.

Your compy.yml

The YAML format is easier to read, easier to write and allows you to add comments, like in the following snippet:

license: MIT
    symfony/yaml:      '>=2.0'     # This is a comment
    symfony/console:   '>=2.0'
    composer/composer:  dev-master

This is especially useful in large projects with complex dependencies.

(Automatic) Configuration

When run the first time, compy converts automatically any composer.json present. If you modify your composer.json, compy will automatically notice it when you invoke it, and convert it to compy.yml. compy backs up your compy.yml to compy.yml~compy~, before any change is made.


System-wide installation is not supported at the moment.

You can install compy in your project by copying files by hand, or through composer:

installing via composer

  1. require the package rev22/compy via composer

     composer require rev22/compy:dev-master
  2. now you can use compy from the 'vendor/bin/' directory:

     user> vendor/bin/compy --version

copying files by hand:

  1. copy the contents of the bin/ directory from this code archive to your symfony project's bin/ or app/ directory;
  2. add a dependency to composer/composer in your composer.json and run composer install
  3. make sure the composer tool is installed system-wide


compy is available under the terms of a MIT-style license. Please consult the file LICENSE for details.

History of the tool

The compy script was brought to you by Michele Bini. The package includes Oleg Stepura's convert-config tool, which was forked from Igor Wiedler's composer-yaml.