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A Clean Bijective Base Converter for PHP

1.0 2015-03-15 09:07 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-12 06:30:05 UTC


This package is a bijective shortener which shortens your unique integer identifier(like a mysql auto increment key) to a unique short string, the strategy simply makes a number with a longer base.


You can set the characters which you want to be included into the shortened string, by default a random string is set. You should note that this is not an encrypting solution it's just an encoding solution like base_64 but in a bigger base, but by making a random sort of allowed characters you can gaurantee that it is impossible to guess a long number given a shortened string.

use \Reshadman\BijectiveShortener\BijectiveShortener;


$shortened = BijectiveShortener::makeFromInteger($int = 60500);

$decoded = BijectiveShortener::decodeToInteger($shortened);

echo 'The Shortened version of ' . $int ' is' . $shortened '\n';
echo 'The decoded version of ' . $shortened ' is ' . $decoded ' which is equal to original number(' . $int ')';