Magento 2 Message Queue OS Example Module

1.1.2 2020-11-07 19:02 UTC

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Simple implementation example for Rcason_Mq.

This module is just a proof of concept and an easy example to get started with message queues. It's not useful in ral life by any mean.


  1. Require the module via Composer
$ composer require renatocason/magento2-module-mq-example
  1. Enable the module
$ bin/magento module:enable Rcason_MqExample
$ bin/magento setup:upgrade


  1. Check that everything is properly configured
$ bin/magento ce_mq:queues:list

product.updates should appear in the list if available queues.

  1. Launch the consumer (and leave it running)
$ bin/magento ce_mq:consumers:start product.updates
  1. Tail system.log
$ tail -f var/log/system.log
  1. Open a product in the admin and save it
  2. A message regarding the product you saved will appear in the logs

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