CRM Segment Module

3.1.0 2024-03-04 09:50 UTC


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Segment recalculation

Default segment recalculation times:

periodicity default recalculation time
minutes asap
hours at 30. minute of configured hour
days at 4:00 hour of configured day

You can configure default segment recalculation times by adding these setup method calls to your configuration file:

    	# sets time of the day when segments with daily periodicity are recalculated
        - setDailyRecalculationTime('4:00')
        # sets minute of the hour in which segments with hourly periodicity are recalculated
        - setHourlyRecalculationMinute('30')

Segment nesting

Segment nesting is a feature, that adds ability to use one segment in other segment definition.

This feature is disabled by default, since it's only supported by our default implementation of SegmentInterface. To enable it, add this to your neon configuration:

    segment_nesting: true

After enabling, new SegmentCriteria criteria is registered and available to use in visual Segments editor.

Segments editor v1

The feature is also available in segments text editor. To reference other segment in a segment query, use the code %segment.ACTUAL_SEGMENT_CODE%.

For example, let's have a segment segment_a specified by the query:

SELECT, FROM users WHERE id > 100 AND id < 120

With feature nesting enabled, we can define segment_b query like this:

WHERE IN (SELECT id FROM (%segment.segment_a%) a)

During segment_b execution, placeholder %segment.segment_a% will be replaced by the actual segment_a query.