Rector rules for REMP/Crm

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1.2.0 2024-01-22 09:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-22 22:05:01 UTC


This repository contains Rector rules for upgrade of custom modules used with REMP CRM.

How to use

1. Install package

composer require --dev remp/crm-rector

Note: Composer will ask if you trust plugin rector/extension-installer. This plugin installs CRM rules into Rector package.

2. Create rector.php:

Run command:

vendor/bin/rector init

3. Update rector.php

Fill custom paths & options & sets/rules you want to run.

E.g. to update to CRM 1.0 it could look like this:



use Crm\Utils\Rector\Set\CrmSetList;
use Rector\Config\RectorConfig;
use Rector\Core\Configuration\Option;

return static function (RectorConfig $rectorConfig): void {
    $parameters = $rectorConfig->parameters();

    // paths to refactor
        __DIR__ . '/app/custom-modules', // path to custom modules
         __DIR__ . '/composer.json', // root composer -> updates REMP CRM packages automatically

    // optional settings to automatically import namespaces in changed files

    // set with CRM 1.0 changes; check README for list of sets

    // set service if you want to run individual rule; check README for list of rules
    // $services = $rectorConfig->services();
    // $services->set(\Crm\Utils\Rector\UpgradeToCrm1\ApiHandlerJsonResponseRector::class);

Sets and rules are listed below.

4. Run Rector:

vendor/bin/rector process --dry-run

After you reviewed planned changes, run it without --dry-run:

vendor/bin/rector process

Use vendor/bin/rector --help for help. Notable flags are -vvv for verbose messages, --clear-cache and --xdebug if you need to debug rector rules.

Sets & rules

Upgrade CRM v0.38 -> CRM v1.0

Check also the CRM 1.0 migration guide.


  • Set: Crm\Utils\Rector\Set\CrmSetList::CRM_1_0 contains CRM changes and Nette rules (3.0, 3.1).
  • Set: Crm\Utils\Rector\Set\CrmSetList::CRM_1_0_WITHOUT_NETTE contains only CRM changes.
    • You can call Nette sets from your rector.php later.
  • Set: Crm\Utils\Rector\Set\CrmSetList::NETTE_ANNOTATIONS_TO_ATTRIBUTES contains transformation of PHPdoc-based annotations to PHP 8.0 attributes (available since Nette 3.0+).

Individual rules

Note: Both these rules are part of sets CRM_1_0 and CRM_1_0_WITHOUT_NETTE. These are created as individual rules because Rector's general rules were not sufficient. We recommend running whole set.

Transform to lazy event listeners

Individual rules

Upgrade CRM v2.* -> CRM v3.0

  • Set: Crm\Utils\Rector\Set\CrmSetList::CRM_3_0_PSR4 - contains namespace renames after class names / namespaces were changed to follow PSR4 standard.