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We recommend using Composer for installation and update management. To add CRM GoPay extension to your REMP CRM application use following command:

composer require remp/crm-gopay-module

Enable installed extension in your app/config/config.neon file:

	# ...
	gopay: Crm\GoPayModule\DI\GoPayModuleExtension

Seed GoPay payment gateway and its configuration:

php bin/command.php application:seed

Configuration & API keys

Enter GoPay API keys to CRM

  • Visit to CRM admin Payments settings (/admin/config-admin - Payments)
  • Enter GoPay Go ID key
  • Enter GoPay Client ID key
  • Enter GoPay Client secret key

Keys are provided after registering at GoPay.

Another two configuration options are:

  • GoPay Test Mode - if enabled, all payments are done in test mode, no money charge is made. For testing, use Testing payment cards.
  • GoPay enabled EET - Elektronická evidence tržeb (EET), system for reporting sales to state administration (only in Czechia). For more details, see documentation.