A simple composer package for Laravel 5 that assists with file uploads and image resizing/cropping.

v0.6.10 2018-06-25 17:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-27 03:06:42 UTC


A simple composer package for Laravel 5 that assists in file uploads and image resizing/cropping.


To install Upstream, make sure regulus/upstream has been added to Laravel 5's composer.json file.

"require": {
	"regulus/upstream": "0.6.*"

Then run php composer.phar update from the command line. Composer will install the Upstream package. Now, all you have to do is register the service provider and set up Upstream's alias in config/app.php. Add this to the providers array:


And add this to the aliases array:

'Upstream' => Regulus\Upstream\Facade::class,

Finally, run php artisan vendor:publish to publish the config file and language file.

Uploading Files

$config = [
	'path'            => 'uploads/pdfs', // the path to upload to
	'field'           => 'file',         // name of field (use "fields" for an array with multiple fields)
	'filename'        => 'temp',         // the basename of the file (extension will be added automatically)
	'fileTypes'       => ['png', 'jpg'], // the file types to allow
	'createDirectory' => true,           // automatically creates directory if it doesn't exist
	'overwrite'       => true,           // whether or not to overwrite existing file of the same name
	'maxFileSize'     => '5MB',          // the maximum filesize of file to be uploaded

$upstream = Upstream::make($config);
$result   = $upstream->upload();

Note: Special filename strings are available including [LOWERCASE], [UNDERSCORED], [LOWERCASE-UNDERSCORED], [DASHED], [LOWERCASE-DASHED], and [RANDOM]. The former five are used to make formatting adjustments to the original filename. The latter can be used to set the filename to a random string (along with its original extension).

Resizing Images and Creating Thumbnails

$config = [
	'path'               => 'uploads/images',
	'fields'             => ['picture', 'picture2'],
	'filename'           => 'temp',
	'fileTypes'          => 'images',
	'createDirectory'    => true,
	'overwrite'          => true,
	'maxFileSize'        => '5MB',
	'imageResize'        => true,
	'imageResizeQuality' => 60,
	'imageCrop'          => true,
	'imageDimensions'    => [
		'w'  => 720, // image width
		'h'  => 360, // image height
		'tw' => 180, // thumbnail image width
		'th' => 180, // thumbnail image height

$upstream = Upstream::make($config);
$result   = $upstream->upload();

An entire set of configuration array is available in the config file at src/config/config.php. You may crop images after they have been uploaded with the following:

$config = [
	'path'            => 'uploads/images',
	'filename'        => 'temp-'.$id.'.jpg',
	'newFilename'     => $id.'.jpg',
	'createDirectory' => true,
	'overwrite'       => true,
	'imageThumb'      => true,
	'imageDimensions' => [
		'w'  => 260, // image width
		'h'  => 260, // image height
		'tw' => 120, // thumbnail image width
		'th' => 120, // thumbnail image height
	'cropPosition' => [
		'x' => $input['x'],      // X position
		'y' => $input['y'],      // Y position
		'w' => $input['width'],  // width of cropped area
		'h' => $input['height'], // height of cropped area

$result = Upstream::cropImage($config);

You may use a JavaScript image cropper such as Cropper to set the cropPosition. If you leave cropPosition null or unset, the image will first be scaled to 140% of the target dimensions and then cropped from the center.