Castel is a fast Dependency Injection Container for PHP 5.3

0.2.0 2014-07-30 10:06 UTC


Castel is a fast Dependency Injection Container. The class for PHP 5.3 consists of just one file.

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Pick up the src/Castel.php file or install it with Composer :

    "require": {
        "regeda/castel": "0.1.*"

Creating a container is a matter of instating the Castel class

$container = new Castel();

Defining parameters

$container->share('foo', 'bar');
$container->share('something', new Something());

Retrieving parameters as plain properties:

$container->foo; // bar
$container->something; // instance of Something class

Defining services

Services are defined by anonymous functions that return an instance of an object

$container->share('session', function () {
    return new Session();

Using the defined services

$session = $container->session; // instance of Session class

Extending services after creation

$container->share('mail', function () {
    return new \Zend_Mail();
$container->extend('mail', function ($mail, $container) {
    return $mail;