Packages from reelworx

  • reelworx/rx-scheduled-social

    Post news articles to social media platforms and fetch likes from your social media account

  • reelworx/rx-shariff

    Shariff implementation for TYPO3 CMS including the backend module, a viewhelper and a plugin.

  • PHP


    Wizard that will create a page tree for you. Feed it with a space indented tree structure of the desired pages and the pages will be created for you.

  • reelworx/rx-fscmigrate

    Automatically migrate all imported content elements from css_styled_content to fluid_styled_content.


  • reelworx/rx-unrollsavebuttons

    Shows the save buttons in TYPO3 BE next to each other instead of listing them in a dropdown menu. Additionally the button labels can be hidden.

    Abandoned! See instituteweb/unroll