This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Grunt task management for Zend Framework 2

2.4.9 2016-01-16 11:46 UTC


Grunt Survival Pack Grunt task management for Zend Framework 2

Grunt task management for Zend Framework 2 and beyond. Manage your local frontend development and continuous integration process over a large amount of projects with a single dependency - we take care to update your projects to the latest Grunt components.

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  • PHP and Javascript unit tester
  • PHP code sniffer
  • LESS and SASS preprocessor
  • CSS autoprefixer
  • CSS colorguard
  • CSS and Javascript beautifier
  • Table of contents generator
  • CSS, HTML, Javascript and JSON linter
  • GIF, JPG, PNG and SVG image optimizer
  • Mobile first fallback generator
  • CSS and Javascript minifier


Tasks are configured to match the Zend Framework 2 folder structure.

  • module
  • public
  • tests
  • vendor


node.js - Install using apt-get install nodejs

node package manager - Install using apt-get install npm

grunt.js - Install using npm install -g grunt-cli


Each task is configured inside config/{task}.json and can be overriden using the --config option.


Run sh vendor/bin/ {options} from console.


Perform the test task in verbose mode:

sh vendor/bin/ test --verbose

Override the config path:

sh vendor/bin/ --config=../../../{config}

Redirect {task} errors to a file:

sh vendor/bin/ {task} 2> {task}.log


--install, -i - Installs Grunt dependencies

--install-nbl, -j - Installs Grunt dependencies (no bin links)

--update, -u - Updates Grunt dependencies

--config=<path> - Overrides config path

--disabled=<task>,<task>,<task> - Disables listed tasks

--help, -h - Prints usage information


How to register GSP inside bower.json:

        "gsp": "2.4.9"


How to register GSP inside composer.json:

        "redaxmedia/gsp": "2.4.9"


GSP needs third party libraries to work properly.


optipng - Install using apt-get install optipng

libjpeg - Install using apt-get install libjpeg-progs


ruby - Install using apt-get install ruby

rubygems - Install using apt-get install rubygems

sass - Install using gem install sass