A collection of helpers and useful things for developing PHP applications

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A collection of helpers and useful things for developing PHP applications.


Use composer to include the latest version.

composer require recycledbeans/useful-things


Contains a helpful trait to use when converting monetary values back and forth between float values (for display) and integer values (for storage and arithmetic).

The example below is a Laravel Eloquent model that has an accessor that formats the amount to a float value from how it is stored in the database (as an integer) when the attribute is accessed, and a mutator that sets the value back to an integer value before it is stored in the database.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use RecycledBeans\Helpers\HasMoney;

class Order extends Model 

  use HasMoney;  
  public function getTotalAttribute($value)
    // Converts the 2512 stored in the database to 25.12
    return $this->toFloat($value);
  public function setTotalAttribute($value)
    // Stores 52.60 as 5260 for storage in the database
    $this->attributes['total'] = $this->toInteger($value);


You can also use helpful aliases providing the same functionality.

(new Money)->toPennies('25.12'); // 2512

(new Money)->toDollars(2512); // '25.12'