PHP Library that connects to the ZenDesk API

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v1.0 2014-04-27 15:00 UTC


PHP Client library to access ZenDesk REST API. You can see all of the feature of the ZenDesk REST API on their developer's site (

What this library is!

The library has all of the basic features that you will need to add tickets, users, organizations groups and group memberships that the REST API provides. These are exposed in simple services and models that should make it easy to integrate your project with ZenDesk.

What this libray is NOT!

This library does not currently support all of the features that the REST API has to offer. Forums and all of the items along with them, custom fields, voice and a few of the other advanced features offered by ZenDesk.


I will be working on a detailed documentation in the very near future. See the doc directory.

Questions, Comments, Request

Please feel free to feel out a issue request for problems or feature requests. I am working on implementing new features into the library weekly.


  • Extensive and improved Unit Testing
  • Advance API features
  • Further Optimization of certain aspects of the code base
  • Look at side loading option ( Currently in beta )