Provides a method to communicate with eBay's Finding, Shopping and Trading API.

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PHP Client Library for the Ebay API.


The client library currently supports the Finding, Shopping and Trading APIs.

// Call a Service
$finding = new \Ebay\Service\Finding();

$shopping = new \Ebay\Service\Shopping();

$trading = new \Ebay\Service\Trading();

// Configure Service


Once you have configured a service, the next step is to initiate a request. We will use the Trading API GeteBayDetails call as our example.

// Basic Request
$request = new Ebay\Common\Request('GeteBayDetails');


Each request is made of of one or more fields. A field can have a name, value and attributes.

// Single Field
        new \Ebay\Common\Field('DetailName','BuyerRequirementDetails')

// Multiple Fields
        new \Ebay\Common\Field('DetailName','BuyerRequirementDetails')

Send Request

The last step to sending a request is the service's makeRequest method.

$response = $service->makeRequest($request);


  • More detailed documentation
  • Unit Testing Completion
  • Other Ebay API Calls