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This is a Laravel wrapper for esperlu's which converts a mysqldump to an Sqlite 3 compatible file.

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You can run the default configuration

php artisan db:mysql-to-sqlite

Running a single, default conversion configuration:

php artisan db:mysql-to-sqlite customerServiceDBForCI


  • Publish the config...

For Laravel

Publish the config...

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="MysqlToSqlite\ServiceProvider"

Add the following to app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php

public function register()
    // Class may not be there if it was loaded as a dev dependency
    if (class_exists('MysqlToSqlite\ServiceProvider')) {

For Lumen

Publish the config...

cp vendor/realpagelouisville/mysql-to-sqlite/config/mysql-to-sqlite.php config/mysql-to-sqlite.php

Add the following to app/bootstrap/app.php

// Class may not be there if it was loaded as a dev dependency
if(class_exists('MysqlToSqlite\ServiceProvider')) {


You're probably only using this for development, so we'll use require-dev:

composer require --dev realpagelouisville/mysql-to-sqlite:~1.*