Analyze a php-based website with minimum configuration. Features include: hit counter, user analysis, ab tests, and user profiling.

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SiteAnalyzer is a free package for analyzing PHP sites. With SiteAnalyzer, it is possible to count pages, understand user behavior, analyze site dynamic, and perform A/B testings. SiteAnalyzer can be installed into any PHP in seconds without affecting the bussiness logic of the application and customized according to the needs.


  • Click counter
  • Site dynamics analysis
  • User profile analysis
  • A/B testing


SiteAnalyzer can be installed through Composer:

$ composer require rdorado/site-analyzer

Or modify your composer.json requirements:

    "require": {
        "rdorado/site-analyzer": "^0.1.1"

and update your project:

$ composer update


Count all the views/pages you want to observe by importing the SiteAnalyzer class and then using the count static method:

use SiteAnalyzer\SiteAnalyzer;


You can also include other options to be stored on the database. That depends on the kind of reportings or analyzis you want to perform:

$options = ['id' = $myid];

Reporting/Displaying the stored information

Once you have started to count the page hits, different sort of reports can be displayed. For example, a very basic report is the number of hits per page stored on the database:

$data = SiteAnalyzer::getStats();
print( SiteAnalyzer::transform($data, "html") );


Read the docs at https://site-analyzer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.