HTMLtable to create and show tables with pagination

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Use HTMLtable to create and show tables with pagination.

Made for Anax-MVC in the course phpmvc at BTH.

Use with Anax

###Install Add rcus/htmltable to your composer.json file with require.

"minimum-stability": "dev",
"require": {
    "rcus/htmltable": "dev-master"

Run composer install --no-dev or composer update --no-dev to get rcus/htmltable. rcus/htmltable require mos/cdatabase and will install it for you. While mos/cdatabase is a dev version you need to set "minimum-stability": "dev".

Tip: If you would like to test HTMLtable, copy htmltable.php from /vendor/rcus/htmltable/webroot to /webroot and point your browser to that file.

###Usage First we have to create a table object in your pagecontroller.

// Create a table object
$table = new rcus\HTMLTable\CHTMLTable(require ANAX_APP_PATH . 'config/database_sqlite.php');

You maybe have to edit the path and filename for your configuration of the database. If you do not have any config-file, copy from vendor/rcus/htmltable/webroot and edit (if needed). Read more about this at dbwebb.

If you would like to add some testdata to the table, add this:

// Create tabledata
require ANAX_INSTALL_PATH . 'vendor/rcus/htmltable/webroot/includeCreateTableData.php';

Set up your table with the testdata we created above.

// Set options for table
        'ID'         => 'id',
        'Förnamn'    => 'firstname',
        'Efternamn'  => 'surname',
        'Födelsedag' => 'birthdate'

'test' refers to the table name in the database. Then add the columns you want to include in your table in the array, where $key will be the column's title and $value is the column's name in the database.

Finally, create the table. The fun part...

// Get the HTMLtable

Well, it might not be that fun. But this line convert your table in the database to a HTML table.



###To-do list

  • Specify which columns to order
  • Make values clickable
  • Make table cacheable
  • Add some style (I know, it doesn't look that nice. But that's not a problem with your CSS-skills)

###Author Marcus Törnroth (m@rcus.se)

###License HTMLTable is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details