Skeleton Application for ZF2

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R-Write is a CMS that provides a "highly" WYSIWYG interface to create and edit your web site. R-Write is built on top of Zend Framework 2 and can be installed as a complete application or added as modules to an existing Zend Framework 2 application.

Currently R-Write is still in development and is NOT for use on a production system.

Stand alone or complete application Installation

Using Git submodules

git clone git@github.com:reliv/rwriter.git --recursive

Virtual Host

Afterwards, set up a virtual host to point to the public/ directory of the project.

Setup Doctrine

Copy the file config/local.php.dist to config/local.php. Edit the Doctrine settings to point to your existing database.

  • Please note that it is recommended to create a new database for use with R-Writer. Please do not use an existing database as R-Writer is not stable at the moment and we can not guarantee that we will not overwrite your existing data.

Run Install Script

http://[your domain]/install