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Last update: 2023-11-29 05:16:35 UTC


Please discover in this package a very simple application which illustrates the use of the rayrutjes/domain-foundation library.

We will enhance this example along the road, feel free to suggest features that would illustrate things as best as possible.


Install via composer

$ composer require rayrutjes/domain-foundation-example-silly

Update your database credentials into src/Interfaces/bootstrap.php. Actually, we have only tested MySQL

Create your database.

Set up your event store schema:

$ php src/Interfaces/Cli/app.php app:install

Run Commands

This example is based on the very nice library Silly which itself is based on the Symfony console.

To see what commands are available, simply run :

$ php src/Interfaces/Cli/app.php

To run a specific command, you can run :

$ php src/Interfaces/Cli/app.php user:register barbaz