A set of widgets for displaying single and multiple testimonials.

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Last update: 2024-05-21 20:02:54 UTC


These are widgets you can use with the Silverstripe Testimonials module.


Step 1

Go to the root of your Silverstripe project, and enter :

composer self-update && composer require rattfieldnz/silverstripe-testimonials-widgets

Step 2

In your project's mysite/_config/config.yml file, insert the following:

  no_of_testimonials_in_widget: 2 
  testimonial_words_summary_count: 50

The above should be self-explanatory :).

Step 3

Run the following command to populate your Silverstripe project's database with this module's details:

php framework/cli-script.php dev/build flush=all

Step 4

Go to a page you have created, e.g. your 'home' page. Make sure you have already configured it so it can display widgets.

When you go to edit your page, you should see two tabe on the left hand side - 'Main Content' and another tab for widgets. If you see the latter, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4

You should see all the available widgets in your SilverStripe project. The widgets we are looking for are 'Testimonial' and 'Testimonials'.

'Testimonial' displays a single randomly-selected testimonial that has been published.

'Testimonials' displays multiple randomly-selected testimonials which have been published.

Step 5

Select either, or both, of these widgets and then save your page. You should now see the widget/s and its/their content on the page you just added them to.

If not, append ?flush=all and revisit your page's URL.

If the above does not work, remove the cache files with the command sudo rm -rf /tmp/.

Contributing and Feedback

I have just recently started Silverstripe development, and am still learning the awesome ecosystem that it is. If you see anything I have missed, or constructive ideas to make this module better, please contact me and let me know. You can even fork this repo and play with the code yourself too :).