Class Library For the Greystar API 2020-05-31 17:39 UTC

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PHP Library for Greystar MLM Software

  • This class library is still being created and tested, but most features work.
  • We do not provide any Greystar API documentation, that is provided by Greystar. Ask your representative for these documents, including your API credentials.

For more information on establishing business with Greystar Solutions, visit https://www.greystarsolutions.com. From the site description:

Built from the ground up for Network Marketing The Best of Custom Programming and 3rd Party Architecture

The Unity software solution is a Web based application which uses the best of custom programming and the best of third party architecture to combine to create a solution that works for the small company and scales to the largest of companies.

Because Unity was built from the ground up as a data-driven web application, our team of developers can get your company up and running with your compensation plan faster than our competitors can give you a cost estimate. In fact, if you are in the market for sophisticated MLM software, you should request a demo of our software using live test data and your own comp plan!

In today's economy, home-based network marketing companies are in high-growth mode. The sagging U.S. economy is causing an increasing number of Americans to turn towards non-traditional sources of revenue, including their own home-based business. People now operate in a networked economy where their teams, clients, and competitors can span the globe. For select companies, this brings enormous opportunity. But those that cannot adapt will get left behind.

Greystar makes it possible for companies to launch international programs with independent distributors around the world at a fraction of the cost of its less agile competitors.

Unity's reporting for sales, commissions, and genealogies is real time for the entire company as well as each distributor. Head and shoulders above its traditional competitors, Unity's real-time, web-based solution is the new standard in MLM software!