Parse DOS Dealer Pricelists issued by Saracakis S.A.

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Saracakis S.A. is the main Greek Distributor of Honda & Mitsubishi parts and vehicles. He monthly sends pricelists for both brands to his dealers in an ancient DOS flat-file format (CP737 encoding).

This is a PHP library to parse these files in order to update a CRM or eCommerce platform. Currently only parts supported. If someone has a vehicle pricelist of the same format feel free to share.

Installation 🔧

composer require rallisf1/php-saracakis-pricelists

How to use 🚀

Have the file uploaded where php can reach it and feed it to the class. You can also filter the results by product type (optional):

Filter Value Description
0 (default) Nothing is filtered out
1 Your results will only contain car parts
2 Your results will only contain motorcycle parts
3 Your results will only contain power tool parts

Common parts "HOT" will be included all the time

It will throw an exception if something goes wrong so catch it.

try {
    $data = new rallisf1\PhpSaracakisPricelists\Parser($full_file_path, $filter);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Error: '. $e->getMessage();

$data is an object which shall contain an import number, the date of the provided data file and the products.

Check out the example by running composer install in the examples folder and open honda.php in your browser (http server with PHP >=5.4 required). A sample of 34 products is included, replace that with your data file for a quick test.

Contribution 🖇️

Feel free to fork. If you find a bug or got something great to add make a pull request!

Authors ✒️

  • ** John Rallis ** - * Initial Work * - rallisf1

You can also look at the list of all the contributors who have participated in this project.

License 📄

This project is free to use, edit & distribute under the MIT License.

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