The JHFrame MVC Framework

1.0.2 2015-06-09 16:57 UTC

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JHFrame is a custom web framework for PHP, designed for traditional server-side-view-creation MVC patterns but written for modern 5.5+ PHP. It could be classified as "partially batteries-included", having a lighter footprint and feature-set than enterprise-scale frameworks like Laravel or Rails but much more than micro-frameworks like Lumen or Sinatra.

Features include:

  • Simple dynamic injection of all dependencies
  • Traits for granular code inheritance without heavy parent class chains
  • Interfaces for all major services
  • Unit Testing through PHPUnit
  • PSR-3 compatible logging
  • Semantic routing
  • Templates with metadata
  • Cacheing
  • Argument-based form creation and validation
  • Simple repository-pattern data access/modification
  • Chainable SQL query creator
  • Optional permission-based authentication for routes
  • And more


JHFrame grew gradually out of a single major project of mine and has gone through a large number of revisions and rewrites as I have improved as a coder and attempted to implement better design patterns.

JHFrame is fully usable, fast, and has a reasonably comprehensive feature-set, with some caveats. Public publishing is primarily intended to serve as a code example for me in job-hunting, but please feel free to use, experiment, and borrow from it for your own projects, and contribute if you find it useful.


The project JHFrame arose from is a low-traffic site that is data-driven but with a low change frequency, so most design decisions were made with that in mind. It is built in a server-side page-centric manner not primarily intended for a heavy client single-page js application + server REST-api style, though it could be adapted to such.

While I have worked to make it as agnostic as possible, as this grew out of the needs of a single project and abstracting it into a standalone framework primarily came as an academic/personal exercise (and of course for the benefits of decoupling core logic from app-specific logic), some parts may unintentionally remain insufficiently abstract for a true general-use framework.

That aside, Laravel and Lumen are extremely nice frameworks probably much more worth your time for a new project!

Installation and Use

JHFrame is available through Composer

Add "rakelley/jhframe": "^1.0.0" to the require section of your project's composer.json

For usage, please see the docs markdown files and run phpdoc against /src.


phpunit -c test/phpunit.xml test/


JHFrame is licensed under the MIT License