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Composer ready for pi_barcode (https://www.pitoo.com/codes-a-barres-p3)

2.0 2022-08-12 09:49 UTC

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Composer ready for pi_barcode.

A php script that allows you to generate images or insert barcodes into your web pages in the following formats :

  • Code 128 (Set B et C)
  • Code 25 standard et code 25 Entrelacé
  • Code MSI
  • Code 39
  • Code 11
  • Code KIX
  • Code CMC7
  • Code PostFix
  • Codabar
  • Code UPC / EAN 8 et 13


The best way to add the library to your project is using composer.

$ composer require rafikhaceb/pi-barcode


// initialisation
use PiBarCode\PiBarCodeGenerator;

PiBarCodeGenerator::generate('123456789012', 'EAN', 150, 0, true);


// initialisation
use PiBarCode\PiBarCode;

$bc = new PiBarCode();
// Code to generate

// Set code type : EAN, UPC, C39...

// Image size (height, width, quiet areas)
//    min Height = 15px
//    image width (can not be less than the space needed for the barcode)
//    quiet areas (mini = 10px) to the left and to the right of barcode
// Text under the bars :
//    'AUTO' : displays the barcode value
//    '' : does not display text under the code
//    'text to display' : displays a free textu nder the bars
// If called, this method disables code type printing (EAN, C128...)
// Colors of the Bars and the Background in the format '#rrggbb'
$bc->setColors('#123456', '#F9F9F9');

// File type: GIF or PNG (default)
// Send the image to a file

// Or send the image to the browser