OpenID Connect 1.0 login plugin for roundcube

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1.2.13 2021-02-10 08:32 UTC


This plugin allows you to authenticate users to roundcube using an OpenID Connect 1.0 provider. There are three modes to run the plugin in:

  1. Cleartext Password: The OIDC provider must supply the user's password in cleartext, which is then used to login to the IMAP server
  2. Master Password: In this mode (also falls back to this), a master password is used to login to the IMAP server with the username obtained from OIDC
  3. Master User: IMAP authentication is done using a master user (Dovecot) with a provided separator

Check the config.inc.php for more details on configuration.


Note that unless cleartext passwords are provided, SMTP must necessarily be configured use no authentication or a master password


To install, get the plugin with composer in your roundcube directory

composer require radialapps/roundcube-oidc

Alternatively, some releases may be available as zipped packages here at GitHub. You need to unzip the package in your plugins directory and activate the plugin in the configuration.


Permissively licensed under the MIT license