Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter OAuth API v1.1

dev-master 2014-04-23 05:23 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-29 03:44:07 UTC


Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter API v1.1 oauth calls


Via Composer::

    "require": {
        "rabinshr/php-twitter-oauth-api": "dev-master"

And then run php composer.phar update.

How To Use

Include the class file


Initialise a new twitter object

$twitter = new TwitterAPI();

Set twitter app tokens

$twitter->setAccessToken("TOKEN HERE");
$twitter->setAccessTokenSecret("TOKEN SECRET");
$twitter->setConsumerKey("CONSUMER KEY");
$twitter->setConsumerSecret("CONSUMER KEY SECRET");

Setup additional params

$params = array('screen_name' => 'SCREEN_NAME',
            'userid' => 'USERID');

Indicate the fields you want returned

$fields = array('followers_count', 'friends_count', 'statuses_count');

Get User Info

$info = $twitter->GetUserInfo($params, $fields);

Helpful links http://hannah.wf/twitter-oauth-simple-curl-requests-for-your-own-data/