This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the enzyme/axiom package instead.

Hexagonal architecture framework for Laravel 5.1

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v2.1.0 2015-11-14 10:52 UTC


Hive has now been deprecated in favour of the more robust and framework agnostic Enzyme/Axiom package. Axiom is unfortunately not backwards compatible with Hive. But don't worry, it still plays great with Laravel! So if you're just starting out with a new project, try it out! 🎉

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Installation is simple, simply issue the following composer command

composer require r3oath/hive

Example App

Want to have a play around with an example implementation of Hive? Check out the example-app branch.


Check out the documentation at ReadTheDocs


Hive comes with its own Service Provider that exposes a few new Artisan commands that make generating concrete implementations faster.

To enable it, simply append the following line to the 'providers' array inside config\app.php.


The quickest way to setup a new collection of resources for a model is to fire off the the following command

php artisan hive:assemble X

In the example above, replace X with the name of your model. hive:assemble will create a new model, migration, mutator, validator, repo, factory and controller for Model.

Implementations can also be generated seperately through artisan with the following Hive commands:

  • hive:command
  • hive:controller
  • hive:factory
  • hive:handler
  • hive:instance
  • hive:repo
  • hive:validator
  • hive:mutator

The Hive specific classes will be placed in the app\Lib directory, while the rest will be located in standard Laravel locations.


To play with an example implementation of Hive, check out the example-app branch of this repo.