Persistent settings in Laravel.

v0.4.1 2016-11-24 15:32 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-09 22:52:58 UTC


Persistent, application-wide settings for Laravel.


  1. composer require qwince/l5-settings:dev-master
  2. Add qwince\LaravelSettings\SettingsServiceProvider::class, to the array of providers in config/app.php.
  3. Publish config file and migration by running php artisan vendor:publish --provider="qwince\LaravelSettings\SettingsServiceProvider".
  4. Optional: add 'Setting' => qwince\LaravelSettings\SettingsFacade::class, to the array of aliases in config/app.php.


Global settings

You can either access the setting store via its facade or inject it by type-hinting towards the abstract class qwince\LaravelSettings\SettingStore.

Setting::set('foo', 'bar');
Setting::get('foo', 'default value');
$settings = Setting::all();

User settings

Create a Setting model app/Setting.php using the following example:

<?php namespace App;

use qwince\LaravelSettings\SettingModel;

class Setting extends SettingModel

Next, use the SettingUserTrait trait in your existing User model. For example:

namespace App;
use qwince\LaravelSettings\Traits\SettingsUserTrait;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use SettingsUserTrait;

This will enable the relation with Setting and add the following methods settings(), hasSetting($key), getSetting($key), setSetting($key, $value, $description) activate($key) and deactivate($key) within your User model.


Open an issue on GitHub if you have any problems or suggestions.


The contents of this repository is released under the MIT license.